Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Every Thur We Do a Sketch of the Week

Every Thur I post a new sketch of the week,well starting this Thur you will see some really fun,easier and more creative sketches posted each week. I think they will be more user friendly too! And if you have a sketch you have sketched and like to submit it do so on my website sketch group http://pagesintimestoresite.ning.com/group/pitthursdaysketch and if I use your sketch you will receive a gift certificate from my store!

Also please do the sketch and post it on my thur group and I will get it posted here. Come join in the fun and see what you can do with our Thursday Sketch of the Week!


Scrapamum said...

I have been loving the sketches!

fablady said...

good then you will like all the new ones coming!

Ann Arbogast said...

Lokking forward to more fun sketches.