Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lo of the Week- May 30th

Each week we feature a new lo of the week,and this week's choice is Sandi Smith lo called Love my Girl! I just love the green with the black and white colors,great design,and you too can be have a featured lo,card,altered item too. Just post your items on the

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thur Sketch of the Week May 27

Here is this week's Thurs sketch of the week,come join in and just post them on my site and I will post them here. Each month I will pick a winner and reward with a prize! Thanks so many of you who are enjoying these!

Michelle (Momma Paparazzi)

Andrea MacDonald

Victoria Warren-Mears

Momma Said


Denise Coulter

Jennifer Claar

Carole Wright

Lacee Broyles


Elizbeth Kordek

carla Oliveira

Marie Levite

Lili Sulastri Zainal Abidin

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Imagine a world without cancer...

My grandson has brain cancer,he got it when he was just 2 years old,and he is now almost 4,and the cancer is back,we hope ur continue to pray for him. If you would like to go to his website and leave a comment just go to my button on the right and click on it,thats says Lennon's Website.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News wants to introduce you to a special little boy. Lennon hunt, who's almost 4-years-old, has been battling cancer for most of his life.

Lennon's mom Amanda said, "wherever the action is, that's where 3-year-old Lennon will be. Running around outside, playing video games and pretending to be his favorite super hero. He's always laughing, running around giving the nurses a hard time you would never know he was sick." But Lennon is a sick little boy. At only two-and-a half years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. "To hear the word cancer you freak. I told the surgeon he's only 2 years old, this can't be possible. Lennon was just a toddler," Hunt said.

Having to fight his way through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, Lennon's cancer went into remission in October of 2009. In April, the cancer returned but the prognosis isn't as good.

Lennon now has multiple tumors on his brain and spine. He will have to begin the fight all over again. Now Lennon's single mother said her only son has a 20-percent chance of survival but they're not giving up.

Amanda said they are taking each day in stride, and even though Lennon's bright-orange hair is gone, his spunk that matches it is still here!! "Lennon's a fighter, so am I. We'll beat it," according to Hunt. There is a fund set up at any Wells Fargo Bank. It's called the Lennon Hunt Cancer Fund.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thur Sketch of the Week May 20

Here is this Thurs sketch of the week,post it on my Thur sketch group and I will get it added here.

Also if you have a sketch you would like me to use here just email me at and if I use your sketch you get a $10 gift certificate from the store.

Please join in and show us your take on the sketch. Have fun,be creative and enjoy scrapping!

Michelle (Momma Paparazzi)

Andrea MacDonald

Katrina Sartain

Lili Sulastri Zainal Abidin

Janis Medina-Maghinay



Victoria Warren-Mears


2amscrapper (Helene) great idea to do the sketch as a card!

Denise Coulter

Marie Cairns

Amie Lyn

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Every Thur We Do a Sketch of the Week

Every Thur I post a new sketch of the week,well starting this Thur you will see some really fun,easier and more creative sketches posted each week. I think they will be more user friendly too! And if you have a sketch you have sketched and like to submit it do so on my website sketch group and if I use your sketch you will receive a gift certificate from my store!

Also please do the sketch and post it on my thur group and I will get it posted here. Come join in the fun and see what you can do with our Thursday Sketch of the Week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper Bag album

Black/White/Red Wedding Paper Bag Album

Some of the inside pages,I love making lots of pockets and adding poems,tags,little things to tuck in. Each of my paper bag albums are a labor of love,no two are actaually alike,I might do the same theme but not using the same pp and changing the design for each one I make. I teach a class at my retail store on these,and I always heare how much longer it takes then they thought it would. If your new at making them it takes at least 8 hours or more.

Each page has a pull out so you can actually display a photo. I like adding envelopes and tuck little notes,cards inside them,use your imagination and have fun.

Use your border punches or tear the paper to give it that more vintage look. Dig out your inks too,your be surprised how much inking you can do to give it that vintage look to it,but also use your stamps for the tags.

I love the use of embellishments; like flowers,vellum,3-D words,jems,ribbon,lace,vintage images tucked in.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thur Sketch of the Week May 13

Here is this week's sketch! You will love this one!

Victoria Warren-Mears

Sandi Smith

Lisa Gregory

Linda Valentine

Andrea MacDonald

carla Oliveira

Victoria Warren-Mears


Wendy Greenaway


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thur: Sketch of the Week May 6

Here is a fun two page sketch for this week,thought you might like something a little different.

Andrea MacDonald

Ann Arbogast-Design Team Member